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242 N. Liberty St.
Rushville IL 62681
Phone: (217) 322-2810
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  • Auto Insurance

    The right Auto Insurance policy can help get you back on the road and quickly if your car is damaged or destroyed by accident or any other covered event. We have many options for Auto Insurance to fit even the most unique needs.
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  • Homeowners Insurance

    Having a Homeowners policy can help cover even the most unimaginable losses. Whether you have tangible assets or if you do not, The right Homeowners policy will give you the coverage to fit all of your needs.
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  • Business Insurance

    It is our experience that most businesses are paying too much for their insurance. We have the expertise and industry replationship to insure your manage your business needs.
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  • Life Insurance

    A lot of people do not think about Life Insurance until tragedy strikes or its too late - finding the right policy can make all of the difference - we offer policies for all budgets.
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November 22 - Schuyler Industry School Holiday

November 22-24 - Deer Shotgun Season

November 28 - Thanksgiving

November 28-29 - Schuyler Industry Schools Thanksgiving Vacation

December 5-8 - Deer Shotgun Season

December 6 - Schuyler Industry Schools Closed 1/2 Day - Improvement Day

December 21 - Winter Begins

December 23 - January 5 - Schuyler Industry Schools Christmas Vacation

December 24 - Christmas Eve

December 25 - Christmas

December 26-29 - Late Winter Deer Season

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January 1 - New Years Day

January 6 - Schuyler Industry Schools - Classes Resume

January 17-19 - Second Late Winter Deer Season

January 20 - Martin Luther King Day

February 12- Lincolns Birthday

February 14 - Valentines Day

February 17 - Presidents Day

March 3 - Casmir Pulaski Day

March 9 - Spring Forward Daylight Savings Time

April 18 - Good Friday

April 20 - Easter

May 11 - Mothers' Day

May 26 - Memorial Day

July 4 - Independence Day

September 1 - Labor Day

October 13 - Columbus Day

October 31 - Halloween

November 2 - Daylight Savings Fall Back

November 11 - Election Day

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Rushville Location
242 N. Liberty St.
Rushville IL 62681
Phone: (217) 322-2810
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Havana Location
402 S. Promenade St.
Havana IL 62644
Phone: (309) 543-3661
Fax: (309) 543-3662
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